NR – X2Rail Integrated Tec Demo Safety Case

Overview of Deliverables

As part of Network Rail’s contribution to the Shift2Rail programme, Network Rail is responsible for delivering an Integrated Technical Demonstrator (ITD) showcasing European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 3 capabilities.

The ITD integrated these components at Network Rail’s European Train Control System National Integration Facility (ENIF) situated at Hitchin.

In order to conduct the Integrated Technical Demonstrator, Network Rail needed to ensure an SRP-approved safety case which covers the ITD testing is in place.

As part of this commission, Vertex Systems Engineering (Vertex) conducted hazard identification based on our previous safety cases for demonstrations at ENIF.

Picture courtesy of Network Rail

Deliverables Included

  • System Definition update 
  • HAZID briefing note
  • Conducting the HAZID workshop and producing HAZID report
  • Addendum/addition to the existing ENIF Safety Case
  • SRP presentation
  • Stakeholder Interface 
  • Project Management

Technical competencies applied in the delivery of the contract

Vertex Engineers employed the following competencies during these works.

  • Safety Engineering – identification of potential hazards and potential mitigations
  • Systems Engineering – appreciating the impact of the proposed solution as a system, and determining its impact on existing systems
  • Project Management, Stakeholder liaison and influence, in order to drive the project forward on the agreed timescales whilst maintaining stakeholder confidence
  • Technical knowledge of the proposed system in question, incorporating approx. 10 years’ experience of ENIF safety management

Value added initiatives

Vertex utilised its extensive knowledge of the existing ENIF suite of safety documents in order to minimise the amount of rework required. This included interrogating the existing Hazard Log in order to extract relevant hazards.

Vertex resources were centrally managed to ensure efficiency in deployment as required. This was to mitigate the risk of resource within the programme.

All resource that was deployed to the X2Rail project were subject matter experts and fully conversant in the programme, this prevented any delays through learning requirements.

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