Year in Industry

Vertex System Engineering is a long standing supporter of the Year in Industry scheme, for over 10 years we have been supporting the Year In Industry initiative and will be taking new applicants from 2022. The Year in Industry is a scheme run by the Engineering Development Trust. It allows young men and women who have just finished Sixth Form and wish to study engineering at university, and those taking a year in industry as part of their university engineering course, to experience at first hand the engineering profession, the roles of an engineer, and the self-discipline required in full time employment. Year in Industry placements take place throughout the academic year, giving students invaluable opportunities to observe and become involved in engineering projects. This adds to the student’s skillset, making them more employable after university. If you are a pre-university or pre-graduate student and interested in taking part in the scheme contact details and link to website are included below;

A Career with Vertex

Vertex Systems Engineering is a great place to work to advance your career and achieve your full potential because we recognise talent and we support to develop our staff individually to achieve their goals, whilst rewarding them accordingly. The working environment at Vertex is dynamic, exciting and challenging, but above all it is a happy place where people are motivated and look forward to going to work. We have achieved outstanding success and growth in recent years that is a tribute to our excellent staff and to our focus on encouraging innovation and teamwork. We regularly seek experienced engineers (in either a permanent or freelance arrangement) who have in particular a working knowledge of Systems Engineering including safety assurance processes applied on projects. If you are interested in working for Vertex, please send your CV and covering letter to our London offices (details below) or email:

Current Vacancies

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