Hitachi Class 800/801 Testing

Vertex Systems Engineering (Vertex) has recently successfully completed for Hitachi Rail Europe the provision of Engineering Safety Management Services for using the Hitachi Class 800 train at the ETCS National Integration Facility (ENIF).
Class 800/801 are 5 and 9 cars multiple units which can operate on both 25 kV AC and diesel engine-generator. It has the flexibility to add or remove cars. During the testing, Class 800 train run on diesel mode only.

The new trains are to be initially introduced on the Great Western Main line where the European Train Control System (ETCS) is being installed as the next generation of signalling system as part of the continuing route modernisation.
Hitachi appointed Vertex to provide safety arguments for the use of ENIF facility by Hitachi Class 800/801 test train, including the required controls to reduce the risks as low as reasonably practicable. Where possible, existing ENIF process and procedures have been adopted in order to minimise change and to make use of established methods of working and operational experience.

Vertex demonstrated that the risks associated with the use of the ENIF demonstration site with a Single class 800/801 test train by Hitachi are eliminated or controlled as to reduce the risks As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).
The methodology used for the safety argument of the use of class 800/801 on ENIF was by using data and knowledge of the previously tested Siemens built Thameslink Class 700 trains. This was then assessed via a HAZID workshop with the relevant stakeholders for the validation of the system definition and undertaking a comparison with the ENIF rules, previous ENIF Hazard Logs and the identification of new hazards relevant to the class 800/801.

The successful conclusion to the works supported the Office for Road and Rail (ORR) to approve Hitachi’s ERTMS signalling system for main line operation during September 2016.

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