Crossrail Anglia Support Works

Vertex Systems Engineering (Vertex) has been appointed by Costain Ltd in its role as the Lead Design Organisation (LDO) to undertake assurance works for its scope on the Crossrail Anglia programme until project completion in 2018.
The Crossrail scheme will introduce a passenger service linking the West of London, and beyond, to the East and South-East of London via dedicated sub-surface infrastructure running through Central London.

Crossrail Ltd have contracted to Network Rail (Network Rail Infrastructure ltd, NRIL) the responsibility for the alterations required to the existing surface rail network to facilitate proposed Crossrail operations. For East surface works, NRIL have then subcontracted the role of Lead Design Organisation to Costain. This role covers design, construction, Entry into Service and assurance for the required enhancements and modifications.

The eastern upgrades to deliver the benefits of Crossrail consist of multi-disciplinary work packages and include:

  • Line of Route and Station Works;
    Platform extensions;
    Signalling alterations;
    Track works, including S&C;
    Electrification upgrades and
    Alterations to stabling/sidings and turn-back facilities.

Deliverables assigned to Vertex Include:

  • Baseline Current Position and Recommendations;
    CSM Hazard Management activities, including provision of System Integration Hazard Identification sessions and production of the Project Hazard Logs;
    Liaison with multiple sub-contractors under the umbrella of the Lead Design Organisation to align assurance activities;
    Management of CSM submissions to Network Rail;
    Scheme Verification and Validation;
    Specific assistance with the assurance of platform gauging; and
    Support with providing evidence of TSI compliance.