Network Rail Intelligent Infrastructure Programme

Overview of Deliverables

Intelligent Infrastructure is a wide-ranging national programme that will address several fundamental issues at the heart of the whole life management of assets within Network Rail. It will look at asset management processes throughout their lifecycle and seeks to exploit the investment that has already been made in asset management systems and data capture methods providing decision makers and end users with actionable intelligence that prioritises the work that is most critical to the operation of the railway. It will facilitate a move away from time-based, fix on fail maintenance methodologies, to regimes based on prediction, enabled through remote and automated monitoring, advanced data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Remote monitoring of assets will be exploited further and extended where appropriate to enable less reliance on manual inspection and allow adaptation of the activity-based plans. These plans will also be enhanced through a better understanding of the unit cost of work considering all the resources required to deliver work.

Alongside deep understanding of the assets, planning of work will also be addressed, joining up long term planning, through to short term delivery planning, meaning that the planning community will understand the upcoming work, have tools to optimise the plan and can account for the resources required to deliver the work. At the same time, longer term plans will be integrated to give line of sight to corporate strategies and join up the capital and maintenance work banks giving a full view of all work taking place on the railway.

Intelligent Infrastructure’s strategy will be to look at business processes end-to-end and will be sensitive to the move toward deeper devolution and the ability of the Routes to accept change. To that end there is a strong focus on business change, Route engagement and embedding of resource within the Route to help facilitate the change.

Intelligent Infrastructure will address fundamental asset management issues ultimately enabling Network Rail to provide a safer, more reliable, and available railway meeting the challenges of Control Period 6 and beyond.

Network Rail approached Vertex for the provision of Safety Management for the programme but also specific CSM project support for several discipline workstreams covering Track, Signalling, Civil Engineering, Buildings and Planning.

Deliverables Included

Programme Level

  • Lead for all Safety assurance tasks undertaken by the various projects controlled by the programme
  • Member of programme assurance panel for all safety tasks undertaken by all projects controlled by the programme
  • Development and management of the safety process to be applied to the programme’s projects
  • Development and management of programme level CSM documentation
  • Act as single point of contact for Assessment Body and System Review Panels

Project Level

  • Development and management of CSM related safety documentation in accordance with Programme System Safety Plan
  • Liaise with Programme Safety Lead for inputs into assurance panels and address issues raised
  • Development and management of Hazard Records for the project in accordance with the Programme System Safety Plan

Technical competencies applied in the delivery of the contract

Vertex Engineers employed the following competencies during these works.

  • Technical knowledge of the proposed systems in question, incorporating over 20 years’ experience in project development and delivery.
  • Systems Engineering- appreciating the impact of the proposed solution in terms of its whole-life implementation. This included Project Management, Stakeholder liaison and influence, to drive the project forward on the agreed timescales whilst maintain stakeholder confidence
  • Safety Engineering – The application of the Common Safety Method and other Risk Assessment techniques
  • Detailed understanding of both EU and UK regulations and their application across complex, multi-stage works to gain endorsement for operation

Value added initiatives

To prevent the Programme being over resourced, safety consultant resources are centrally managed and allocated to a project as and when its required.


Benefit to the programme, is a shared resource fully conversant with the programme and no requirement for learning that could incur delays and cost appropriately apportioned to the project when the resource is utilised.

Programme start and completion dates

Project duration from April 2020 – present.