Asset Maintenance Support

Overview of Deliverables

Amey Infrastructure Wales Limited (AIWL) replaced Network Rail for infrastructure maintenance belonging to Transport for Wales (TfW) in 2020, undertaking a transfer of asset data from the Ellipse system to Maximo. Vertex System Engineering (Vertex) supported AIWL with Asset Maintenance Support which required a review of maintenance tasks, while comparing frequency against national standards.

Picture courtesy of Matthew Parker

Deliverables Included

  • Identify inspection frequencies from National standards and transfer these into a structured format (Disciplines included: track, structures, earthworks, signalling, telecoms, and E&P)
  • Compare Maximo inspection frequencies against National standards
  • Assess whether inspections are being conducted at the correct frequency
  • Compare findings to those in the Assest Management Plan Performance Indiction (AMP PI) Report
  • Review the “Standards and Derogations Management Process” document
  • Use underlying data to generate AMP PI reports
  • Assess how well the data is reflected in the periodic AMP PI reports
  • Assess whether non-compliance, defects and service affecting impacts have been effectively addressed
  • Summarise observations in a short report to be submitted to TfW / AIWL
  • Review how compliant and non-compliant assets are managed
  • Create procedures for compliant assets
  • Capture/Review of data
  • Reports created for assets out of date with compliance

Technical competencies applied in the delivery of the contract

Vertex employed the following competencies during these works:

  • Technical knowledge of the proposed systems in question, incorporating years of experience in project development and delivery
  • Workbank Management experience has been applied to multiple disciplines to ensure efficient and safe planning can be utilised
  • Risk Based Maintenance delivery to streamline productivity and planning
  • Asset Management and compliance management
  • Gap Analysis to provide areas of improvement and support
  • Systems Engineering – Appreciating the impact of the proposed solution as a system, and determining its impact on existing systems
  • Working to tight deadlines with multiple stakeholders 

Value added initiatives

All resource that was deployed to the Asset Maintenance Review project were subject matter experts and fully conversant in the programme, this prevented any delays through learning requirements.

Experience of high-profile Railways of the UK with diverse assets adds value to ensure AMEY can make best use of access and manage compliance of assets by using applied best practice, across multiple regions of the UK Railway.